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The 1st step towards cleaning solar tanks is to cut all the power supply points, both in and out.

Then stop the inlet water valve of cold water and disconnect the outlet pipe at the tank side, which goes to the water tap for usage.

Drain out the complete tank before starting the solar tan cleaning process.

Once the tank is completely empty, remove the heater element by disconnecting the wires including earth.

Now, you have an access to the tank to clean it, start the procedure with removing the calcium waste accumulated inside the tank.

Now, clean the tank with pressure water and tank cleaning chemical agents and drain out all the water and leftover sediments.

Some Examples

If the heater element is damaged or outdated or not working with full efficiency, you can replace with the new one.

Now since cleaning is complete start fixing the dismantled items including the wires, heater element, and inlet-outlet water supply one by one in reverse order.

At last check the water flow to the tank and from the tank and hand it over.

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solar tank cleaning
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solar tank cleaning
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